A Boy's Journey


I like fishing,biking ,climbing, reading,drawing, painting, po-go-ing,chess and just about everything!


Yesterday we went hiking with my uncle up Breakneck Mountain. We swam in the Hudson. It was so fun . Today I am very sore but I still want to go fishing!


Yesterday  I  po-go-ed  1100  times. It  was  very hot  but  I  still  did  it!!

24 /08/2010

Yesterday I was walking  in the woods i saw two little doves they were learning to fly.


Hi, my name is Idries .I like to ride horses , they are fun to ride and very smart.

"My brother Auby with a Pony"

I would like  to tell you a few poems that I like. Here is a poem named Your Mission

If you cannot on ocean

Sail among the swiftest fleet,

Rocking on the highest billows,

Laughing at the storms you meet,

you can stand among the sailors,

anchored yet within the bay;

you can lend a hand to help them,

As they launch their boats away.

If you are too weak to journey up the mountain,

steep and high,

you can stand within the valley,

while the multitude go by.

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