Science and Math

Science and Math links and ideas will be dropped here. Please leave your own if you have found them useful. As we are a big family most things will be free or cheap!

The first is of course use your local thrift store and library!! It is amazing how many books are discarded. We do not have a T.V. or video games, so the more reading material the better.

MATH;          Kahn Academy

Amazing and Free! It also has Science and History.( careful of the history and any part that can be subjective! Actually do not use it at all ,go here instead We Are Many) There is an option for a coach that can help the student design his course of study and refer him to more study if a topic is more difficult for the student.
Algebra ;  Another free source but please do not copy      

If you need worksheets this site is a resource page ,

Teacher Planet: resources for teachers

It will list sites for the subject and most,if not all are free. The worksheet generators are great for 'designing' for your child!

SCIENCE;                    First some inspiration....

Please visit this site for more!  A Symphony of Science !

The National Arboretum is full of pictures and information for the student gardener.  And while I don't always like their ease of which they rely on non-organic methods it is worth looking through.

Rodale Institute is more my speed.

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