Social Studies and Art

    ART !
  • The Guggenheim - curriculum as it relates to art in conjunction with history, math and science

  • The Louvre - A guided tour through theme. Explore this site for more!

  • Labor Arts -The labor movement in a virtual museum. Shown as art and history that affects all of us.

  • Banksy - An unbelievable 'street' artist. How can art be illegal????                             


  • Live Mocha is a free source to learn a language. It is also a social media to chat or write to those that speak the language you choose. It is dependent on the give and take of it´s members. You help someone learning while you learn.
Social Studies

Map Quiz Game    This is a free on-line game and a FREE download for those using Windows or Mac. It is up to date and a fun way to learn geography. You can not learn and understand history without an understanding of basic geography.

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