Carnival of Chaos

An Eclectic Mix of Unschool & Home Education

¤ Since I am sometimes too "teach-y" for unschoolers and too "un-y" for home schoolers I decided to host this Carnival. It is for everyone caught in the middle. There are those of us that vacillate with the changing of our children and are open to more than just one path. Because life has many roads and we can choose to get off anywhere.

Please no advertisements or crazy stuff that you wouldn't read to your mother. I would like to be open to anything and will try to be. As the world is big and thoughts are many, I would like to encourage rather than discourage by putting anyone in a box. Have fun, oh, and no foul language( unless absolutely necessary!).

Posts are due the 30th of each month and will be up by the 3rd of the next.
(I hope)For now it will be every other month, seems to work better.

Let's See What  You Have!


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