Monday, April 18, 2011


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I am in need of recognition. I realized this as I began checking this blog daily. What are my stats? Not many look but it is thrilling to see the bar graph fill. I am interesting! OOPS! Not today....
What the HELL am I doing! WordPress furthers this mania by the share buttons, the stat page and the  Rate This  star bar.  I was enamored by the potential attention and fame. I never considered myself to be so needy. What a shock!

I began this blog for myself and for others , who like me have the children at home and more than one question not answered by the seemingly perfect home school or unschool sites. Not to be famous or care about stats. To be honest and forthcoming about the daily life of a family outside the mainstream.

It is with this new-found self I am disabling any social media and ratings. I am freeing myself of any implied expertise or fame! Should I become some sought after guru then I will enable more options. Until then I hope that someone will find something here useful ,interesting or entertaining. For us it will be a diary of sorts.

Have something to say ? Go for it but if I do not respond it DOES NOT mean I agree or disagree, just reading.

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