Friday, September 23, 2011

To Let Sleep or To Drag Out of Bed? That is the Question.....

Just when do teenagers wake up???

I let mine sleep .....most of the time ...late. I remember as a kid sleeping late , only on weekends. My Pop would come into my room, lift the covers, jam his hand under me, sawing back and forth and say "I'm cuttin' the roots!". He would inform me that the day was gone, at 11Am I considered this the very start!

Now I have my own set of bed plants. I let them sleep. Isn't that why I have them at home? So  they can be allowed their natural rhythm, in life and "education". We know that the teenage brain is not ready for action until mid morning. Why bother fighting it? I wish I could get that Mommy out of my head that says 'time to get up'.

[caption id="attachment_984" align="alignright" width="300" caption="If you look close you can see the roots..."][/caption]

Still, the night's dishes not done are quite the test for me not to go roaring in and get them up! Yes, I have done it. But that is part of life too. Don't do the job, receive the consequences. The smell in their room is sometimes enough to rethink any entrance.

So , I can do the dishes. The smell will eventually go away (I hope). Let 'em sleep.

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