Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wild Mushrooms!

I know. The first reaction of most people is "aren't they poison?". I understand this to be from years of tale of toadstools and witchcraft all making it's way into the mind and ensuring that we never stray too far off the beaten path. I, too, read all those same tales. It only takes one taste to melt those fears away.
These, above, are Giant Puffballs. The dark one is Bolete. Food from the wild. What more could be a blessing? Or more aptly, which of these blessings do you deny?
Mushroom hunting is a great way to get outside. It is educational and teaches the kids how to be conscious of their environment. It will increase the palette from which to pick from when even thinking of food. Why should everything be sweet, pretty, or packaged?
Most mushrooms need to be cooked. Some like the Chantrelle can be dried and pulverized to be used as a 'pepper'  garnish. Can anyone turn away healthy and free food?
The field guides are a great start to get out and begin looking at the fungi that is in your world. They grow everywhere. Kids love this. It is a game of hide and seek. If need be you can use it as a lesson on foraging and relate it to how early peoples were gatherers of wild foods. They are in many shapes, sizes and colors. If you can, find someone that eats from the wild and get them to teach you. Get comfortable with identification, look at recipes and attend a festival. You and your family will be glad you did.
Click here for Mushroom Guidance

NOTE; All wild mushrooms MUST be identified correctly. If you have doubts as to the id, err on the side of caution, do not eat it.Throw it out.


  1. hmm, It's kind of funny, my husband grew up with wild mushrooms and I always say, "I think those are poisonous!!!" I've always been too scared to try. Maybe I'll get brave someday... :)

  2. They are delicious and nutritious. You can find kits to grow what would normally be wild so you do not have to be afraid. But what a gift that your husband has knowledge of the bounty of the land!

  3. Ive always wanted to try the different mushrooms out there..... but I'm so nervous!

  4. Imagine not being able to afford meat. But those mushrooms in your yard are full of protein. Do not wait to learn and try what could sustain you and your family. Our earth is full of good things to eat but we have been told they are weeds or other nonsense. We must take back the knowledge of the forage.


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