Saturday, January 21, 2012

WOLF! Vinegar is Not What You Think

I consider myself GREEN. I try to use Earth friendly cleaners, recycle, all the stuff that makes my way to Heaven an open road. I am an urban gardener/farmer. I don't know all that I need to know so my books and bookmarked sites are many. Many times I search for organic methods and something as simple as where or how your water is treated can  affect your plants. 
One day as I was looking for pest management ideas I came across a page that said to use alcohol. Not rubbing alcohol it was noted as this was a petroleum product. Hmmm, I thought "Yeah, I guess so." I went on reading and found a method using apple cider vinegar. Again, a note said not white vinegar as this, too, is a petroleum product!
That's right, you heard me, a petroleum product!  Now let me be clear....white vinegar,not other vinegars, is a petroleum product. How could this be? So I searched it out not wanting to made a fool of, and it turns out it is true. So, here is the skinny.
White vinegar, go get your bottle, is distilled petroleum if it does not say on the label that it is from grains and /or apples. It should NOT be used on your food. Even though it is sold in the grocery next to the dressings do not use it on your food, in canning  or other ingested recipes. Apple cider vinegar is suspect as well. Look at the label. What does it say?  Apple cider vinegar should be made from what? That's right
not vinegar and caramel coloring. 
So, now I feel horrible that we have been eating this crap for years but I also have been touting the Green Clean with it, as well. I use it with baking soda as a cleaner. So much for environmentally sound.Over the years we have probably dumped as much of this junk down the drain as Chevron has into the Gulf of Mexico. (Not really , my house is not that clean) But seriously, why have I never heard this before? On the many sites that think green why has this never come up? I am trying to rectify this misconception. 
I urge you all to search this out on your own. Is anyone a chemist that can tell us it is environmentally safe (that does not work for industry)?
 So in this case, NATURAL on the label really means a lot. Look for the real vinegars. They are worth the extra effort to find and heck, why not try making your own. Volcanoes must be made !


  1. Oh, dear, I also had no idea. I have to share this information. I try and try but I keep finding out my mistakes. Thank you so much. Carolyn

  2. Interesting. I would like to hear from someone with a science background as well. I'd like to know how this is such a "secret" and why (I guess) the FDA has decided it's ok for food consumption. Seems that it would have to have a disclaimer if it wasn't right?

    1. The FDA approves all kinds of things with harmful and even deadly side-effects, and makes illegal plants that have been used for centuries in cures and remedies with no side effects.


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